The Halls

We have learnt that it’s only a good idea to, once in a while, stop occupying ourselves with mundane daily matters, and reflect deeply on our own existence and its associated responsibilities. For more inspiration to that goal, we have provided ourselves with a list of folks whose works we admire, and a list of folks whose objectives hinder our pursuit of global well-being.

Hall of Giants

Latest in Paleo
The Latest in Paleo Podcast

Master Angelo Coppola enjoys talking about health and wellness from the perspectives of evolutionary biology and ancestral health. His current podcast, Latest in Paleo, analyzes the most recent health news and provides philosophical insights into the pursuit of happiness and harmonious living with nature. It’s a podcast that features numerous interviews with different personalities, and contains interesting audio clips on a wide range of topics from microbiome to introverted people!

In a nutshell, Master Coppola advocates a holistic approach to health, putting an emphasis on exercise, sleep quality, stress management, contact with nature and the so-called real-food diet. Through his coverage on healthhe also touches upon different philosophies such as minimalism, nutritionism and reductionism. We believe that the depth and breadth of Latest in Paleo makes it one of the finest podcasts Internet has to offer, but no more spoilers here — tune in to find out more!

The Frauenfeld Clinic Archive
The Frauenfeld Clinic Archive

Are you nearsighted? If so, you might find out something more in here! The Frauenfeld Clinic Archive exposes the inner working of the “eye care” industry, and gears us towards the path of myopia recovery.

Hosted by a retired behavioural ophthalmologist under the pseudonym of Alex Frauenfeld, The Frauenfeld Clinic Archive contains an enormous amount of information (the majority being free) on myopia rehabilitation, both from Alex himself and the forum participants. While the journey towards myopia recovery could be tough, it’s still invariably better than a lifetime of visual suffering and unspeakable complications!

Hall of Pygmies


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