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We Have Moved!

As some of you might know, our blog has been hosted by WordPress for a bit more than 9 months now. So far, we have been fairly satisfied with the functionalities offered by custom themes, three-columns layout, post formats, custom widgets, HTML and shortcode. Considering the cost-free nature of the hosting, we will have to admit that occupies an important spot in the blogosphere and the cyberspace at large — in terms of the dissemination of information and the democratization of the publishing process. Continue reading We Have Moved!

2014 — A Retrospective

All right! We hope that you are doing well up to now. Funny that 2014 has already reached its end isn’t it? As we wrap up the year, we feel compelled enough to share with you some of the checks and the balances that we have been gathering behind the scene. Continue reading 2014 — A Retrospective