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A Fellow Sustainabilitist on Sustainable Design

“Our current systems, such as mass consumption yielding mass waste, are out of date and faulty. It is pointless to waste energy attempting to resolve designs within these systems. The creation and exploitation of new, better systems will be the main directive for sustainable design.“

Kristian Bjørnard, Designer/Sustainabilitist at The Office of Kristian Bjørnard, April 8, 2009

False Dilemma — The Beginning of Disaster?

One fundamental hallmark of life is the necessity of decision making. In fact, regardless of our age, gender or ethnic background, we would invariably come across scenarios in which we are forced to make choices — Should we agree or disagree? Consume this or consume that? Proceed as advised by our lawyers, or as advised by our relatives? Continue reading False Dilemma — The Beginning of Disaster?