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What’s Wrong With Mainstream Western Medicine — Part IV

In Part III of this series, we elaborated a bit on how vested interests can infiltrate our medical system through what we referred to as the questionable institutional ties. This includes, among others, ties between medical publishers and pharmaceuticals, ties between government and food corporations, ties between research communities and their funding partners, and ties between health charities and pharmaceuticals. We also discussed how such ties could reduce the quality and the integrity of our research, promote the adoption of questionable health policies, and potentially misinform the medical communities about the benefits and harm of a treatment. Continue reading What’s Wrong With Mainstream Western Medicine — Part IV


On Dietary Fat

“Eat real, unprocessed food, and perhaps forget about the amount and types of fat in that food.“

John Briffa, Practitioner of Integrated Medicine at London’s Highgate Hospital, March 21, 2014

False Dilemma — The Beginning of Disaster?

One fundamental hallmark of life is the necessity of decision making. In fact, regardless of our age, gender or ethnic background, we would invariably come across scenarios in which we are forced to make choices — Should we agree or disagree? Consume this or consume that? Proceed as advised by our lawyers, or as advised by our relatives? Continue reading False Dilemma — The Beginning of Disaster?