We Have Moved!

As some of you might know, our blog has been hosted by WordPress for a bit more than 9 months now. So far, we have been fairly satisfied with the functionalities offered by WordPress.com: custom themes, three-columns layout, post formats, custom widgets, HTML and shortcode. Considering the cost-free nature of the hosting, we will have to admit that WordPress.com occupies an important spot in the blogosphere and the cyberspace at large — in terms of the dissemination of information and the democratization of the publishing process.


In the beginning of February 2015, we began taking our blogging experience one step further by acquiring a new custom domain (and new email accounts from that domain). While this certainly opened up some third-party functionalities from the get-go, our blog still essentially remained under a WordPress.com framework — same system, same interface, same layout.

Since we have been interested in building a world-class website through extended functionalities (e.g., custom CSS, plugins, JavaScript and sophisticated themes with sliders and boxes), it finally occurred to us that that self-hosting The Sustainabilitist has become an inevitable necessity, and that we will have to jump into action quickly — for the better and the worse.

Hence, in March 2015, we begin a tedious process of setting up a new website and migrating old materials and other data from this very site. As it turns out, many of the previous codes have to be rewritten or modified, and in some occasions, the layout and content have to be redesigned. Needless to say, this reconstruction effort represents an enormous amount of work when incorporated into our daily routines — but a very exciting and ongoing challenge to us nevertheless.

Future Plans

Of course, we — like many other explorers — don’t really know what the future holds for the new site. For one, we know that we will be trying to improve it one step at the time, but due to our lack of technical and entrepreneurial knowledge, we simply can’t still envision what it will turn into in the long-term future.

As far as we know, The Sustainabilitist @ WordPress.com will remain here for at least a year — Just so that we don’t lose some seemingly-irrelevant materials or metrics that we might need in the very near future. If you are one of our followers from WordPress.com, don’t worry — you will continue to receive our new posts from your Reader. However, whether you followed us in the past or not, we always encourage you to go to our new site and fill out the email subscription — This way, you will be notified every time we publish a new post.

The End — And A New Beginning

With that in mind, we hereby officially declare this as our last public post at The Sustainabilitist @ WordPress.com, and from here, we bid you a warm farewell and wish you a very wonderful journey!

P.S — See you on the other side of the road!

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