Castlevania — Nocturne

Halloween special 2014! A lullaby for the mystical creatures (e.g., human) as night turns into day. May the darkness and evil be with you! 😈

Castlevania — Nocturne

Lyrics courtesy of (although the syllables are still rather mystical to us):

Megami wa eien no shiawase no naka de
While the goddess is in eternal happiness

Nageku tsuzukete wa utau nokutaan
Continuous sorrow is the Nocturne I sing

Ai wa owaru
Love ends

inochi mo tsukiru sorenara
Life also runs dry so that

onaji toki ni ito o kitte
At the same time, the thread is cut

Kamigami no kawaki ga umi no oto o keshi
By the thirst of the gods, the sound of the sea is erased

muku na ookami wa kodoku ni taeru
The innocent wolf endures loneliness

Yume wa sameru
The dream awakens

Yoru mo akeru sono mae ni
Night also becomes day, before then

chigau basho ni hari o mukete
The needle points to a different place

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