This is the template we use for publishing posts and pages. Every time we have some idea, we would create a new post/page, and copy the content of this template into our new post/page. This way, there is no need to do any heading/color adjustment or repetitive coding. We try to adhere to the standard of professional typesetting — something which we are obsessed with!

(insert a “read more” tag right at the end of the 1st paragraph)

Section 1

All paragraphs are justified, but not the section titles.

Also, there should be a smaller space between a section title and the paragraph that follows it, but luckily the theme takes care of that for us.

Subsection 1

We took a bit of time to experiment with our colour palette, because the resulting layout would apply to every single post/page in the blog.

Subsubsection 1

“Some quotes are red (#c00000)”

To avoid monotony, we alternate the quote colors.

“Others are blue (#0080c0)”

Subsection 2

“The pull quotes are ways to introduce additional infos, without overwhelming our eyes and brain.”


All we need to do is to add class=”alignleft” after the first <blockquote in HTML mode.

“And here is a alignright pull quote”

Section 2

A quote post has a special format:

“The quote can be either in red or blue, but it needs to be justified.”

Alex Bach, founder of Cooper Law Firm, January 1, 2000

Additionally, if a quote in a standard post requires us to provide new personal information (i.e., not mentioned anywhere in the main content), it also needs to adhere to this format.

Section 3

We use the last lines to promote our site.

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